“On the Tenth Day of Wishing,


I’d love a good read.”

And what can be better if you are not quilting or sewing, than reading about it?  Well, I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa Boyer’s books, which a friend sent to me.  My favorite was Stash Envy, where Lisa provides a humorist’s view of our hobby world.  It encompasses such topics as:

  • The virtues of lumps in a quilt.
  • How to share your bum fat quarter at a fabric exchange.
  • How crocheting doilies will drive you back to quilting.
  • How to cope when your quilts lack depth and dimension.


  • Every chapter is short and sweet, and you could actually multi-task and read a chapter during commercial breaks of your favorite PBS quilting show.
  • 140 pages
  • $10.95

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So while one book is good for a couple of days, you might want further quilting lessons from Lisa with That Dorky Homemade Look.


  • 121 pages
  • $10.95

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When the seam ripper can’t be found, humor will be.
When humor can’t be found, the seam ripper will be.
Linda Goh

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