“On the Ninth Day of Wishing,
I would like to wow my hubby.”

That is what happened for me when I pulled out my new purse hanger.  Frank was enthralled as I unrolled the hook and placed the central design piece flat on the table top.  I then hung my purse on the hook underneath, keeping it off the dirty ground.  Having never seen one in action before, he was super impressed.  Below is a picture (sorry, slightly blurry) of how it looks in use.


Besides being very useful, the hangers we carry have the central design piece handcrafted by polymer clay artist, Wanda Shum.  All the designs are created by using different colored pieces of clay rolled together log-style into pieces called “canes”.  The canes are sliced into segments (much like refrigerator cookie dough).  The pieces are then baked to finish. Sounds rather simple, doesn’t it?  Well, not when you realize that all those itsy-bitsy lines and details are not painted on top – they are formed with the clay.

Purse Hangers

Purse Hangers

  • Hanger measures 1 7/8” in diameter when folded into disk for storage.
  • Has an anti-slip finish on the back side to grip the table.
  • This will hold a heavy purse, bag, or diaper bag.
  • Works with most table tops.
  • Comes with a protective fabric drawstring bag for storage.
  • $24.99.

I would like to wow my friends.”

Many of Wanda’s pieces are organic designs, in bright colours.  We have brought in her dragonfly and bug brooches.  Each one is unique, having been made individually.  The hardest part is deciding which one is your favorite!

The Bug Pins

The Bug Pins

The Dragonfly Pins

The Dragonfly Pins

  • Approximately 2” in length.
  • Each piece is signed.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Available in both pin and magnet clasps.  (I love the magnet, as you don’t need to worry about creating a hole in your knitwear from the pin clasp.  Most of our brooches are in magnet form.)
  • $37.99.

If you would like to see more of Wanda’s work, check out her Facebook page.

All things bright and beautiful,

The fine print:

  • Click on the item’s picture to find it on the webstore.
  • All prices referred to are in Canadian dollars.
  • We happily ship world-wide.
  • Quantities are limited of some of our products.  Early shopping = happy faces.
  • Sorry, no holds on featured products without payment.
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