The holiday season has arrived and with it the beginning of our 12 Days of Christmas Wishing.  During this time, I will be telling you about some of the great products we carry, what we like about them, and how to use them.  It will provide you with gift ideas not only for your quilting buddies and family, but for the non-quilters as well.  And as you may find things you would like for the holidays yourself, you can print off copies of these postings and leave them around the house for your family members to get the hint.  There’s nothing like a note taped to the TV or computer screen, attached to the Corningware dish holding the leftovers, or on the bathroom mirror to get the attention of a loved one.  Alternatively, you could e-mail the posting on to those in your life who could use the shopping inspiration.  All the items are put on our website, so out-of-town patrons and family can order direct. 

So let’s begin, and please join me in singing that famous Christmas Carol,

“On the First Day of Wishing,

 “I’d love a good pair of scissors!”

Edward Scissorhands look out!  I took a pair of Mundial Garden/Floral shears home, and between hubby and I, we have put them through their paces.  Here’s what is so wonderful about them:

In the kitchen:  Hubby cut the fins off the fish in a flash.  Yep, he loves them and uses them in the kitchen all the time (no, he is not for sale!).  They can be used on food, and then, as the blades easily dismantle, they can be sanitized in the dishwasher.  No rusting as the thick blades are stainless steel, and the handles are antimicrobial resin which protects against the growth of germs, bacteria, and mold.  These will be the last pair of kitchen shears I’ll ever need to buy.

Around the house:  These scissors measure 8” long with the blades 2.5”.  The grip is comfortable and will fit large, as well as small, hands.  You can get all four fingers in for better leverage, and the shape makes them easy on the hands.  They are great for paper and hobbies.  This is a pair of scissors that works for the family (not suitable for very young children), and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

In the garden:  I use scissors in the garden all the time.  As these are a sturdier version than standard scissors, I’ll be taking a pair out with me next spring.  They have a notched cutout in the blade near the hinge, which is intended for cutting tough stems such as roses.

In the sewing room:  As they have serrated blades, they hold the fabric as you cut.  We have tried them on rag quilts, and they will nip through 4 layers of flannel.  The notched cutout can also be used for cutting cording, elastic, and, especially, clothesline for the coiled-fabric projects that are all the rage. 

All these uses for only $18.49 per pair!!  I’m buying them for my mother and my daughter, the Big T, for Christmas.  Since EVERYONE can use them, they are my “Hot Dang” item of the 12 Days of Wishing. 

Here’s a video of us clipping through 4 layers of flannel with the shears:

(BTW, if you want to come in and try out a pair, we’ve got some at the till to do so.  Sorry, Mr. Depp turned down my offer to be our demonstrator.)

These scissors can be found on our website at:

“I wish I had a Rag Quilt”

Wish no more!  We have 2 different kits, both on special promotion and both made of Nancy Halvorsen flannels by Benartex.  One is in Christmas designs and colours of burgundy, green, and gold.  The other is in soft shades of apricot, blue, green and gold for everyday use.  Each kit consists of eighteen different fabrics, each measuring 22 ½”, for a total of 10.29 meters (11.25 yards) – enough to make the front and back of a 49″ X 63″ rag quilt.  Regularly priced at $173.03Cdn., this kit, which includes the pattern, is on special for $99.99Cdn.  If you don’t need the pattern, the fabric kit alone is $91.50Cdn. 

Found at:

(You can just snip it up with the Mundial Shears!)

 “I’d love to give my friends a little “Maxine for the Holidays.”

Staff had a great time (LOL) cutting up Ms. Maxine into panels for sale.  They weren’t printed so we could cut straight across.  It seemed a terrible shame to cut her up, and just think what she would say about it!  So we cut the panels in a manner that would make Edward proud, doing so with the Mundial Shears.  This way, you can take her home and make potholders, fabric cards, or use the individual squares in quilts to make for your friends and family.  Who doesn’t love this woman?  Get a piece of her for only $9.99 per panel.

Found on-line at:

As you might guess, we have limited quantities of products, and even if we can re-order, chances are they will not be here before Christmas.  So I highly recommend you shop early, and if you can’t come in, call us with your credit card to hold the item.  (Sorry, there are no holds without payment.)

Gotta run, only a few hours more before Day 2 is here!


BTW, the cowboy boot sock is from the book, “Little Things Mean A lot!” by Pam Bono (currently in stock), and the stockings’ quilt behind is from the book, “’Tis the Season:  Quilts and Other Comforts” by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks (out of stock, but on order – may not arrive for this Christmas).

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