“On the Eleventh Day of Wishing,

I’d like a new table runner.”

How about one that as you sew it together, you are also quilting it?  Yes, in about 6 hours, you can be at the point of binding.  We just finished a 6-hour class on this and all the students are now binding.  And one of them was back in the store for fabric to make a couple more.  It is one of our most popular table runner kits, as it works up quickly and is very impressive. 

We also have these kitted in Christmas fabrics. 

I am busy making stuffies and dolls and I need help with turning them inside out.”

I used to make little fabric newts (lizards).  These started out as toys for my kids and quickly morphed into a home craft business where I was selling them as fast as I could make them.  They were about 9” long, with the body only about 5”, and had 4 little fingers per hand.  I became a master of turning little things inside out.  And there was only one way I could manage to put these out in the hundreds.  It was a tool called the Turn-it-All.  It is also known as a Bow Whip.

This tool is also used for turning purse handles and spaghetti straps inside out.

(Who hasn’t made a newt now for at least 13 years, but my kids still have theirs and all the fond memories of learning Marketing 101 first-hand while just in grades 1 & 2.)

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