On the Ninth Day of Wishing,

I feel I’ve lost control; I need to get a grip!”

There you are at the table, excited about your new quilting project.  You’re pressing down on your ruler, holding it the way you’ve been taught, and for the first part of the cut everything is going well.  But just as you approach the last third of the cut, the ruler moves and your cut is off.  The air turns blue, and your moment with your project just isn’t as fun anymore. 

Unless your ruler has a non-slip surface built in, most rulers and templates slide around on top of the fabric.  After 16 years of quilting, I still cannot make a straight cut with a ruler that doesn’t have a non-slip surface, so don’t beat yourself up on this being a user error.

In order to remedy this problem on rulers and templates, I have used Invisigrip, which is a clear plastic film you apply to the ruler, and sandpaper dots.  With the former product I find the plastic obsures visibility somewhat, and with the latter, I’ll just tell you:  oak table + sandpaper dots = ruined table top.

There is a new product out on the market now, that our customers and staff have been loving and is our “Hot Dang” product of 2011 and of the 12 Days of Wishing.  While we still carry Invisigrip, we find most customers prefer this and will choose it instead:  TrueGrips – helps you Get a Grip!!


The quilt just isn’t moving easily – I need to it slide.”

Aren’t we quilters a fickle lot!  But when we are free-motion machine quilting, we want the quilt to easily glide across the surface of the machine. 

There is a product on the market that many quilters love called the Supreme Slider.  It is made of teflon, and has a self-sticking bottom that attaches to your machine bed.  The slick surface allows the quilt sandwich to move easily. 

Slipping and gripping on a Friday,

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