On the Sixth Day of Wishing,

I’d have a solution for storing my embroidery threads.”

Do you have your mini-king embroidery spools all loose in a box?  Are you fed up with knots and digging through the spools trying to find the right colour?  After years of requests for a storage solution for the Robison-Anton Rayon mini-king 1100 yard spools, we think we’ve found a winner!  And if you don’t use Robison-Anton, they also work for Isacord embroidery mini-king spools.

Well, now that I’ve got some trays, what will I store them in?”

You could use these thread storage trays in dresser drawers or other storage cabinets.  But, like many people, you might fall in love with the Art Bin Super Satchels.  They are portable, and customers also love them for storing their projects, blocks, notions, etc.  They are stackable, come with a handle, and are acid free.  There are 3 sizes we currently have in stock.

Use the Super Semi-Satchel open core, or with the 3 dividers it comes with.

Use the Super Satchel 1-Compartment for your projects.  It will hold 12.5” squares/blocks.

Use the Super Satchel Double Deep for larger project storage.  It can be used open core or customize up to eight compartments for multiple storage options.  It will hold 12.5” squares/blocks.

Wishing you a Tangle-Free Tueday,


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