“On the Fourth Day of Wishing,

 I’d like more control over my iron’s cord.”

Okay, so it is the small things in life that can make us happy too, and we feature them as well.  Today’s small, but brilliant, gadget is the Cordminder.


  • Clamps on to any surface that is not more than ¾” wide.
  • Arm swivels to allow free movement.
  • Place it on your surface where you find it will best allow your cord to roll back and forth freely.  This keeps it out of the way, so you are not constantly moving it.
  • Clip is provided to give counter balance and weight to the cord, as well as a stop, should it be needed.
  • Works for any appliance cord – not just irons.  How about those glue guns, power tools, or kitchen appliance cords which are in the way?
  • $16.49

We use this notion on both the ironing surfaces in our classroom, so you can come in and see them in action if you like.  I’ve posted a picture below of one attached to an ironing board, and you can see how it keeps the cord high and away from the project.  Personally I love how it keeps our classroom iron cords away from the front of our boards where people can trip on them.  Safety first, you know!


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Taking the mundane task of ironing to a happier place,

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