“On the Twelfth Day of Wishing,
I’d like to know what to buy for the men in my life.”

 We carry a large assortment of secret boxes by Heartwood Creations.  This company makes beautiful wood boxes where the opening is hidden.  There are different kinds of wood, sizes, and many have various wood inlays.  We have some of their puzzle box line which require various convolutions and rotations to open them. 

 If you have a person in your life who appreciates fine wood or inlay work, loves puzzles or boxes, then these may just be the perfect gift.  And of course, you can always place a little something in the box as part of the gift.  Being a woman, I’m thinking of jewelry, but I’m sure a gift card or car key would be just as appreciated.  Last year, I gave each of my children one of the puzzle boxes, with a new iPod in it.  Sure made gift giving simple.


 I’d like a notion that helps re-thread drawstrings in garments”

Do you get a little frustrated when you open the washer, pull out the hoodie, and the drawstring is not with it?  Yea, we’ve all been there.  So here`s a great little stocking stuffer:

 I’d like to use cones of thread but my machine does not accommodate them.”

 Place the cone of thread to the side or back of the machine, and place the thread stem on the spool pin or bobbin winder pin.  Different machines need it placed in different ways. 


 I’d like to pick out my own gifts/fabric/kit for Christmas”

The most flexible gift of all is the gift certificate. 

The purchaser knows you’ll be able to buy what you need or want, in the color/style wanted, when you want it.  There are no concerns about buying something that is already owned or not wanted.

 The receiver is given an opportunity to buy their choice of a special item representative of the gift.  We have seen purchases of Laurel Burch purses and Jim Shore collectibles made with gift certificates as such a reminder.  Others have used them for fabric for a special quilt they would like to make.  Some people wait until they find the perfect kit.

 Our gift certificates:

  • Have no expiry date.
  • Come with an envelope, but could be slipped in a card.
  • Can be purchased over the phone by credit card and mailed to the recipient.  Actual postage cost will be added on to the charge.
  • Are available in any amount desired. 
  • Are excellent for items such as books that are out of stock but can be ordered in.  The purchaser could enclose a picture of the item that the gift certificate is intended for.
  • Allow the receiver to make smaller purchases, and carry forward the balance for the future.  They need not worry about spending an allotted amount at one time.

 Might this be the perfect answer to what you want for Christmas? 
 Might this be the perfect answer to what to buy your quilting buddy?

 This marks the end of our 12 Days of Christmas Wishing.  Once again, I would like to give you my holiday wish for the next 12 days:

Every stitch not be skipped,
Every needle stays straight,
That the time spent is pleasant,
And not staying up late.

 May your presents be sewn,
With a pattern that’s right,
For all those you love,
To keep warm ‘n cozy at night.

Best wishes,
Linda Goh and All the Staff

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