“On the Tenth Day of Wishing,

E is for ease & economy
L is for lifetime too
N is the newest in sewing machines
A means absolute value for you

 One of the staff here at the store, Pat A., purchased the new Elna eXcellence 740, and when she took it home and showed her hubby, Al Owchar, who is a country musician man, he immediately broke into an old jingle of Elna’s that he remembers from the CFCN Old Timer’s radio show from the early ‘50s.  How neat is that!  Such memory – and faith to the brand!  He’s a keeper.  Looks like Pat knows how to pick ‘em.

Here’s a video of Al’s rendition of this jingle:

 If you would like to see more of Al’s performances, check out YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Al+Owchar&aq=f
You’ll notice he is listed before Lady Gaga!!! 

This past year our store became an Elna dealer.  Most people don’t know that Elna has been made by Janome for approximately 17 years now, and just a few years ago, was purchased by Janome.  So it has the same great quality of Janome, and many of the machines are similar.  Feet, accessories, and bobbins are the same. 

I’ve uploaded to our website the machines, feet, and accessories we have in-stock.  I know that many sewers buy or receive new machines for Christmas, and if you are looking, I recommend you check out what Elna has to offer. 

 The newest machine by Elna is the eXcellence 740.  This machine is a game-changer with its very large throat opening, integrated adjustable feeding system, and the many feet and accessories it comes with.  And no, it does not have an embroidery component in it, allowing it to be sold for a reasonable price. 


This machine has 11″ to the right of the needle, and 4.7″ of height space in its harp (a.k.a. throat, arm space), which makes working on any project a dream.  You’ll have no problem fitting a king-size quilt or ceiling-length drapes through it.

  • Integrated Adjustable Feeding (IAF) system.  This works like a walking foot – but better!  And you can purchase extra IAF (known in the Janome work as the Acufeed) feet for special purposes, such as ¼” seam, ditch quilting, and open-toe work.
  • Differential adjustment dial for the Integrated Adjustable Feeding system.  
  • 3 storage spaces, including the innovative tilt-forward accessory compartment.  (This part of the machine is so fun – it reminds me of a Barbie case, where you can store the shoes.)  You’ll be able to store all your feet in the machine.  Even the straight stitch plate, which is included, has a storage space.
  • 245 stitches with 11 one-step buttonholes, 2 alphabets, and 26 exclusive Elna stitches.
  • 2 alphabets in lower and upper case, including special European letters and symbols.
  • LED touch screen and tactile jog dial.
  • Thread cutter with memory capability.
  • Programmable up/down needle key.
  • Adjustable speed control up to 1000 stitches per minute.
  • Adjustable knee lift allows you to lift the presser foot with your knee so your hands can remain in control of your sewing project.  This is fantastic when you are stitching machine applique.
  • Large acrylic table.  (You can purchase a table for this machine as well, so the bed of the machine is flush with the table.  This is a wonderful feature when you are quilting.)
  • Patented angle line and needle plate markings.
  • 3 banks of LED lighting for better illumination.
  • Adjustable pressure foot.
  • Automatic thread tension – but can be also adjusted manually.
  • Comes with 15 feet, including the convertible free-motion quilting foot with 3 extra interchangeable quilting toes (this foot is not a hopping foot – you can adjust the height of it so it just touches the top of your quilt). 
  • Straight stitch plate; circular sewing pivot pin; semi-hard fabric cover with pockets for foot control, extension cord, knee lift, and manual.
  • Cloth guide fits on the free arm.
  • Adjustable stitch width to 7 mm, and stitch length to 5 mm.
  • 20 memory banks.
  • Auto-lock key with memory capability.
  • Start/stop button (sew without the foot control!)
  • Personal settings capability allows you to store your adjustments and have them automatically recalled when you return to that stitch (even after shutting off the machine).
  • Start over key.
  • Edit key.
  • Face-to-face and mirror-image capabilities.
  • Elongation of satin stitches.
  • Built-in needle threader.
  • Free Arm.
  • Twin needle key.

 There are other great machines as well; the 5200Q is fantastic class machine or beginner machine. 

 All our machines and accessories are found on-line at:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/browse_dept_items.asp?Store_ID=487&Page_Id=17&Categ_Id=149&parent_ids=0

 We cannot put pricing on the web.  So if you would like pricing, please call us locally at 403-253-4419, or toll-free at 1-877-745-6445. 

 Sew on,
Linda Goh (Bet you now know how to pronounce snow!)

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