“On the Seventh Day of Wishing
I’d love some thread snips”

It feels rather clumsy using a full-size pair of scissors when trimming thread tails.  I find using a small pair of scissors or snips much more preferable.  It allows me to trim precisely, and without fear of cutting more than I meant to.  I usually use a spring-loaded snip, as it is even faster than a small pair of scissors, but there are times when scissors are preferable.  Whatever is your pleasure, we have a few offerings.

The “Embroidery Nipper” is not just for embroidery at all.  It is a spring-loaded type of snipper, that comes with a lanyard so you can hang them around your neck, and not misplace them.  The spring can be closed as well, if you don’t want them permanently in the open position. 


 Last year we brought in some small floral scissors for Christmas, and they were a huge hit!  So they are back for an encore.  Sharp, fine, and inexpensive.


 The same company that makes the small floral scissors, also makes small stork-style scissors.  Again – sharp, fine, and inexpensive.

 I’d like to find my tape measure when I need it!!!”

Can you hear me screaming!  Tape measures are the escape artists of the notion world, either slinking off the table, or hiding under the pattern or fabric.  And if you’ve rounded one up, and cornered it in a compartment somewhere, it’s going to take another notion down with it when you pull it out.  And that’s why they make retractable ones.  Push a button, and the tape measure can’t get involved with anything.  Add a lanyard, and it can’t get lost. 


Snake tamers need not apply.

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