“On the Fourth Day of Wishing

“I’d just like a little peace!!”

Well, I can’t probably get you the peace you really want, but would making your machine sound a little smoother help?

Many machines require regular oiling.  I suggest that you find out if your machine requires oil, and if so, how to properly place it.  This information may be in your manual, or if you can’t find it there, consult with your dealer.

We have a very easy-to-use oiler that allows you to place a single drop right where you need it.  It’s also a small tube, and, therefore, easy to keep in your tool basket and take with you to classes and retreats. 


“I want some ideas for free-motion quilting.”

 Over a year ago I sent out an e-mail telling you about a neat blog by a lady named Leah Day.  Now Leah challenged herself to come up with a new free-motion quilting filler design every day for one year.  It was a very tall order she placed on herself, and I don’t think anyone can blame her for “only” creating 230 designs so far.  You can see all the designs at her website,   http://www.daystyledesigns.com/365project3.htm .

We had requests from customers for Leah’s book that has 50 beginner level designs from this collection called, “From Daisy to Paisley”.  It is handier to have a book with you at the sewing machine than a computer.  And she categorizes them and tells you where they work best in your quilt. 


 Wishing you a wonderful Saturday evening,


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