“On the Sixth Day of Wishing,

 (OK folks, we are switching tunes for today to “I want a Hippotamus for Christmas”.)

I want a table runner out for Christmas
One that I can sew up nice and quick
A white, brown, green, – one as red as my nose
I want a table runner, so I’ll have a few of those.

 I want a table runner out for Christmas
I don’t think Santa Claus will mind, do you?
If he doesn’t have to use our dirty chimney flue,
Just send him to A-C-Q, that’s the easy thing to do.

Easy it is.  First we have the Centerfold Table Runner.  In our store sample, we used the main center fabric with a brown background (that’s right, those ornaments are not appliquéd, they are the printed fabric ). 


But wait, if brown isn’t your style, we also have white, red, and green.  They will all look wonderful.




  • Kit includes the pattern, and fabric for the top, binding, and backing. 
  • Finishes at approximately 11.75” X 41”.
  • $19.99.

Found on our webstore at:

Brown:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13815

White:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13817

Red:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13818

Green:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13816

Then we have the Rectangle Rumba (a most appropriate rumba when your nose is red).  Our store sample was sewn with red and the black feature print. 


However, continuing with the spirit of choices, we also have green and the black feature print, which would also be beautiful.


  • Kit includes the pattern, and fabric for the top, binding, and backing.
  • Finishes at approximately 20” X 38”.
  • $29.99.

Found on our webstore at:

Red:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13819

Green:  http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Store_id=487&page_id=23&Item_ID=13820

Merry sixth day (be careful now, I don’t want to be misquoted),

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