“On the Eighth Day of Wishing,

I’d love a nifty needle container.”

Forget about your needles disappearing into the depths of your pincushions.  This needle twister stores them neatly away and is easy to carry.


  • Works like a lipstick tube to unfold your needle collection.  Just remove cap, twist up, and select a needle.  (James Bond could even use this to carry poisoned-tipped needles, but we are not that upset about losing the quilt challenge, are we?).
  • Magnet inside keeps the needles safely in place.
  • Can be used with steel needles with a thickness of .5mm.
  • Insert the needles with point facing downwards.
  • This is a Red Dot Design winner of 2011 for its outstanding ergonomic design.
  • $6.99.

You can even view a video about this product at:

Found on our webstore at:


I’d love to quit burning my fingers when ironing.”

With these, Mr. Bond could safely read those secret documents before they go up in flames. 


  • Designed to fit your finger(s) and thumb of either hand. 
  • Three thimbles included of varying sizes.
  • Allows you to hold your fabric or garment and get the iron up close and personal to where you are working.
  • Would be wonderful when making binding, bias tape, or bias stems for applique. 
  • $6.99.

Found on our webstore at:


First person to get Daniel Craig in here buying some much need gadgets wins a fat quarter! 
First person to get Daniel Craig in here asking to meet me wins a bolt of fabric!
First person to get Daniel Craig in here demonstrating the products Bond-style, gets to clean up the mess!

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