There has been some confusion regarding the parking at the store, and the previous signs for visitor parking were rather befuddling to many.  However, this has been resolved, and I am posting here for all to read and see, just what the parking is.

All Evenings & Weekends (Both Saturday & Sunday) – If you are visiting us on an evening or weekend (both Saturday & Sunday), we have the parking lot of dreams.  You can park anywhere.  Really.  We are the only place open, and the lot is ours.  Does it get any better than this?  We’ve had family members get out of the vehicle and play lacrosse, while quilting mom shopped.  Again, really.

Daytime Monday-Friday  – There is parking in front of our store.  And then,  directly across from our store, is an entire row of Visitor Parking, which now is clearly marked with signs stating as such.  It is a rare day indeed that this parking is full with visitors, but if this still isn’t enough there are way more Airstate Visitor stalls (which can be used) down at the north end of the building, and I’d be happy to tell you where they are.

Below is a picture of the parking directly across from our store. 

Should you be taking a class from us at the store during the Daytime Monday to Friday, we ask that you unload at the front of our store, and then park your vehicle in this Visitor Parking. 

Finally, should you still be confused where to park, just park somewhere and come in and ask us.  We’ll be happy to show you.

Linda Goh

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