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Aboriginal Dot  GP71.OCEAN
Big Blooms  PWGP091.EMERA
Brassica  PWPJ051.MOSSX
Free Spirit Brassica PWPJ051.MOSSX
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Brassica  PWPJ051.GREEN
Free Spirit Brassica PWPJ051.GREEN
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Brassica  PWPJ051.SKYXX
Free Spirit Brassica PWPJ051.SKYXX
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Ferns  PWGP147.TURQU
Free Spirit Ferns PWGP147.TURQU
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Japanese Chrysanthemum  PJ41.GREEN
Japanese Chrysanthemum  PWPJ041.PURPL
Japanese Chrysanthemum  PWPJ041.BLUEX
Japanese Chrysanthemum  PWPJ041.FORES
Jupiter  PWGP131.BLUEX
Free Spirit Jupiter PWGP131.BLUEX
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Jupiter  PWGP131.REDXX
Free Spirit Jupiter PWGP131.REDXX
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Millefiore  GP92.LILAC
Free Spirit Millefiore GP92.LILAC
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Millefiore  PWGP092.GREYX
Millefiore  PWGP092.AQUAX
Millefiore  GP92.BLUE
Free Spirit Millefiore GP92.BLUE
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Millefiore  PWGP092.JADEX
Paperweight  PWGP020.REDXX
Paperweight  GP20.PURPL
Free Spirit Paperweight GP20.PURPL
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Paperweight  PWGP020.BLUEX
Paperweight  GP20.JEWEL
Free Spirit Paperweight GP20.JEWEL
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Roman Glass  GP01.PINK
Free Spirit Roman Glass GP01.PINK
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Shaggy  PWPJ072.REDXX
Free Spirit Shaggy PWPJ072.REDXX
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Onion Rings  PWBM070.BLACK
Coleus  PWPJ030.TURQU
Free Spirit Coleus PWPJ030.TURQU
Sale price$19.90 CAD
Begonia Leaves  PWPJ018.COBAL
Set of Three Mini Zippered Yazzii Pouches - Purple
Set of Three Mini Zippered Yazzii Pouches - Pink
Set of Three Zippered Yazzii Pouches - Black
Set of Three Zippered Yazzii Pouches - Pink
Mini Organizer - Petite Purple
Mini Organizer - Petite Aqua
Yazzii Mini Organizer - Petite Aqua
Sale price$44.99 CAD
Cotton Sateen 118"  191A-90 Smoke
Kona Solids Summer Palette Roll-Up 2½" Strip Roll RU-287-40
Omnigrid Wooden Ruler Rack
Omnigrid Omnigrid Wooden Ruler Rack
Sale price$19.99 CAD
BladeSaver Thread Cutter - Blue
Jane Austen Coverlet Quilt Kit
Quiltessentials 4  417Q-2 Clementine Art Decor
Quiltessentials 4  415Q-1 Berry Art Decor
Shabby  C605-Vivid
Riley Blake Shabby C605-Vivid
Sale price$21.90 CAD
Shabby  C605-Holly
Riley Blake Shabby C605-Holly
Sale price$21.90 CAD
Shabby  C605-Gray Cloud
Riley Blake Shabby C605-Gray Cloud
Sale price$21.90 CAD
Shabby  C605-Gray
Riley Blake Shabby C605-Gray
Sale price$21.90 CAD
Shabby  C605-Cottage Cloud
Shabby  C605-Azure
Riley Blake Shabby C605-Azure
Sale price$21.90 CAD
Reflections  27881-R Evolution Quilted Allover Red
Reflections  27881-QY Evolution Quilted Allover Teal

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