808 Spray Paper Pattern Adhesive - 250ml - PRODUCT CANNOT BE SHIPPED, IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY


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  • **Please Note: This product is pickup in-store only**
  • Odif 808 Reactivating Adhesive temporarily fuses patterns and thin papers to fabric to transfer cutting patterns - no pins!
  • Once dry, Odif 808 adhesive is no longer sticky and easily stored for future use.
  • To reuse the pattern, reactivate the adhesive by ironing on satin setting - your pattern can be reactivated several times.
  • Gives any transparent paper (such as baking paper or tracing paper) the properties of Freezer Paper.
  • It does not gum up sewing needles, will not stain or yellow your fabric, and cleans up with soap and water, and will not make your project sticky. It is low odor, colorless, and acid-free.
  • 250ml size (159g/8.45 fl oz).
  • From ODIF

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