Organ Size HLx5 Titanium Quilting Needle - Size 80/12

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  • The PD (perfect durability) finish of Titanium makes the needle point, eye, and surfaces more resistant to wear from constant needle use.  This titanium finish is especially effective for automated operations like embroidery, quilting, and constant stitching.  It is also effective when sewing abrasive materials like aramid threads and flame retardant materials.  If the main reason you change needles is because the points, eyes and needle surfaces are worn, then PD/Perfect Durability needles will give you 3 to 5 times more needle life than that of a conventional chromium plated needle.
  • Fits most domestic sewing machines.  The most used needle system for household sewing machines is 130/705 H.  All needles of system 130/705 H have a flattened shank for perfect positioning of the needle in the needle bar.  The most common needles for this system are 15x1 or HAx1.  If you are bending or breaking 15x1 needles, this HLx5 could solve your problems.
  • This HLx5 needle is actually an industrial needle with a flat shank for domestic sewing machines.
  • Perfect for quilting and patchwork.
  • ORGAN brand HLx5 needles will sew through multiple ply applications like quilting and heavy duty embroidery.
  • They have color coded shanks to distinguish the sizes.
  • Regular round point (not a ballpoint or a "blade").
  • Needle is strong and rigid.  They don't deflect, resulting in less skipping of stitches.
  • Very highly polished surface aids in stitch quality and less wear on thread.  Please refer to pages 104 & 105 of Bernie Tobisch's book A Field Guide to You and Your Sewing Machine to see the difference in finish of the needle when compared to another popular brand.
  • 10 needles per package.
  • Size 80/12 has a blue coloured shank.

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