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  • Pacific Silvercloth is a 38" wide, 100% rich brown cotton flannel, that is embedded with thousands of fine silver particles.  These particles absorb the tarnish producing gases before they reach the silver stored with it.  Use this fabric to make tarnish-proof bags and rolls; or line drawers, cabinets, jewelry trays, or silver chests with it to prevent tarnish of your silver or silver-plated items. 
  • Before first use, polish your items, as it will not take off tarnish that is already present.  Then keep your silver fully wrapped in or stored with this cloth.  The cloth will discolour over many years , but do not wash it, or it will lose its tarnish-preventing properties.  The soft cloth also helps protect against dust and scratches.  Do not use with rubber bands.
  • Linda says, “It ain’t pretty – but it works!  I made bags from Pacific Silvercloth at least 15 years ago, and have stored my silver in them for that time.  When I opened them up to retrieve some items, the silver was still shining.  If you only use your silver on special occasions, this is the perfect solution to prevent tarnishing.” 

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