SewEzi Portable Sewing Table with Free Acrylic Custom Insert and Cover/Carry Case

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The SewEzi Portable sewing machine table is the original, flagship design. This uniquely designed sewing table provides a stable sewing platform with a true flatbed wherever you wish to sew: at home, retreats, classes, RV's, trailers, the children's playroom, a friend's house, or the back yard. Its size allows you to set up sewing almost anywhere, and its portability allows you to pack up and move easily. It provides a stable sewing surface, and you will no longer need to share a table with others. The family can even get the kitchen table back for meals!

Table Top Dimensions: 34” x 19” (87 cm x 48 cm)
Table Height: 29” (74 cm)
Table Weight: 22 lbs. (10 kg)
Table Depth When Folded 4” (10 cm)


This table was designed to be first and foremost PORTABLE. The top dimension of 34” x 19” has been carefully designed to give a good size work area, but be small enough to fit into most small cars. The wheels are attached permanently to the table, and there are two handle cut outs in the top to make moving your SewEzi Portable easy. The SewEzi Portable has been engineered to be as light as possible, while still retaining sufficient strength and stability to cope with the demands of many different sewing uses, from high speed sewing on large machines to dressmaking and quilting.


The design allows your sewing machine to sit down on a platform lower than the sewing surface. With the use of an included acrylic insert custom-cut for your machine, a flat-bed surface is created. This provides an improved ergonomic sewing experience, which will save your back and neck from fatigue and cramping. It will also provide a better line of sight on your sewing as you will be looking down at your project at a more acute angle.

Stable and Well-Constructed

The smooth working area is made from medium density fibreboard which is finished with a hard-wearing industrial painted surface. The corners and edges of the table top are rounded to allow for the free movement of fabric.

The leg system is made from furniture tube which has been powder coated and contains a UV blocker to minimize fading in high UV environments. When erected, the legs flare out at the bottom, and the weight of the machine is centered in the table. The design of the folding leg system allows the table to fold down to 4 Inches for storage and transport. This table uses a tool-less card table stay system to hold the legs so that it is quick and easy to operate.


SewEzi tables can be used for multiple machines with the purchase of additional custom acrylic inserts. As well, the table may be used as a light box with a full acrylic insert, or as a smooth table surface with the purchase of a wooden insert.  These products can be found on our website under SewEzi Tables, Accessories.


With all these features, the SewEzi table is reasonably priced. This product is not sold in Canada at other stores or online retailers. If you are unable to visit our store, we are happy to ship to you, anywhere in Canada. American customers should purchase from the U.S. agent.


Is the acrylic sewing machine insert included with the SewEzi Portable?

Yes. When you purchase a SewEzi Portable sewing table, one custom-fitting acrylic sewing machine insert is included in the purchase price. When you place your order, please provide us with the make and model number of your machine in the Orders Instructions when viewing your cart as shown below.  Don't forget to click the Save button.

Alternatively, email us at , or call us toll-free at 1-877-745-6445. If there is no model number and only a name, do not worry, we have a database of thousands of sewing machines, and we will track it down for you. We may also request a digital image of your sewing machine to aid us in locating your specific sewing machine's details.

PLEASE TAKE CARE when handling the acrylic sewing machine insert, as it may break if dropped.

Can the SewEzi Portable be used for more than one type of sewing machine?

Yes, you can use the SewEzi Portable with different sewing machines (not at the same time). All you need to do is purchase additional acrylic sewing machine inserts. Due to the varying differences in height between sewing machines, often a SewEzi Quick Change set is also required. This system allows for fast and easy changes between sewing machines.


SewEzi Quick Change Set



Will my sewing machine fit into the SewEzi Portable?

Most likely; there are a few very wide machines that do not fit. We will work with you to measure the machine and see if we can make an insert for you. Inquiries may be directed to

When the first SewEzi was designed over 10 years ago, sewing machines were much smaller and lighter than many of the new machines which are being manufactured today. Some of the large machines that fit in the SewEzi Portable are also very heavy, so as a safety measure to increase strength and stability, we have developed the table brace which hooks on to the cross bars of the two leg sets. With the brace on, these extra heavy machines can be used with confidence.

SewEzi recommends the table brace accessory for sewing machines over 29 lbs. (13 kg). When purchasing a Portable Table for the Bernina 7 & 8 Series it is a compulsory requirement.

The brace is also useful in high traffic areas like classrooms and shops where there is a higher risk of the table being knocked or bumped. The brace can be found on this website as an accessory for purchase.

Does the SewEzi Portable have a cover/carry case?

Yes. The cover is made of polyester, and is included in the purchase price. It has two pockets - one to store your acrylic sewing machine insert in and another on the back for tools. There is a zipper in the rear of the cover, allowing the bag to be placed easily over the table for transport and storage.

Will my knee lift on my sewing machine work in the SewEzi Portable?

Yes, you should be able to use the knee lift in the SewEzi table. In some cases, if the knee lift is not adjusted correctly, it may move too far to the right and make contact with the table leg. Some sewing machine knee lifts have an adjustment on the knee lift bar where it goes into the machine. Others have the adjustment internally, and you will need to ask your sewing machine service person to adjust it for you.

Will my serger/overlocker fit into the SewEzi Portable?

There are two ways the SewEzi Portable sewing table can accommodate your serger/overlocker. Firstly, you can place your serger/overlocker down into the cut out in the top of your table - just like you would your sewing machine. Most older model serger/overlockers fit into this 10 ½” x 12 ½” (27 cm x 31 cm) opening. However, some of the newer models that have been manufactured in the last couple of years are just too large for this method.

The second method works for all serger/overlockers. You must purchase the SewEzi wooden insert to infill the cut out in the top of the table. The serger/overlocker then sits on top.

What accessories are available for the SewEzi Portable?

Other additional accessories available for your SewEzi Portable are the thread stand and accessory tray. These can be purchased at anytime.

Regarding Pick-Up in Store:
Should you wish to pick up your table at the store, it is imperative that you place your order at least 3 days in advance, and wait for a confirmation that it is ready for pick up before coming in. Only a couple of staff understand and know the SewEzi products and what inserts fit the various machines. Other staff will not be able to help and provide you with the correct product and advice.  As well, placing your order ahead of time gives us time to ascertain whether we have the insert needed for your sewing machine in stock, or if we need to order it from head office.  Should we need to order it, it can take 3-12 weeks to arrive. If you are picking up in the store to save on shipping costs, we can provide you with the table, and ship the insert later if it isn't in stock.

Click here for other frequently asked questions about SewEzi products.

Have other questions?
Contact us at , or call us toll-free at 1-877-745-6445.


Hello ladies, I just wanted to let you know how much I am already enjoying my SewEzi table. I purchased it for the quilt retreats I attend but last weekend I thought I would try it out in my living room. It was great. I was sewing and watching team Homan win the women's world championship.
Very happy with my purchase.

Melinda H.; Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada; March 30, 2024

I am soooo happy with my portable sewing table. I brought it to my guild on Tuesday and 4 of my quilting friend want to order one for them and then I shared with another friend in Gatineau and she was overwhelmed. She will order 2 extension tables. Congratulations for your rapid delivery and your wonderful products!

Françoise S.; Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, Quebec, Canada; April 6, 2023

Received. Thank you so much. Table and this (tray) are great products.

E. Watt; Ontario, Canada; December 29, 2020

Good morning, I received my table yesterday and couldn't be happier how it looks in my craft room! Absolutely in love with the idea of having a table at the proper height as I am just learning how to quilt and spend hours at my machine. Thank you for the great service, Merry Christmas!

Shelley A.; Prince George, BC, Canada; December 24, 2020

…I bought a table in 2018 from you with extra inserts for my machine. I love my table and would love to have another set up.

Deb. M, Canada, March 27, 2020

Wow that was fast. Thank you so much. I’m loving my table.

Marie D., Canada, February 28, 2020

The insert plus quick change set arrived in the mail today. It is a perfect fit! I appreciate the superior service your shop provided.

Helen K., Canada, September 5, 2019

I love both of my portable tables. One for my machine and also for an extension. Very sturdy. I recommend purchasing from you. I have had mine for a good 8 years and many of my friends both some too. Very good product.

Christiane C., Canada, July 13, 2019

…Anxiously awaiting my table. My three sewing buddies all have them and rave about them. …Fantastic for retreats.

Lynn B., Canada, May 21, 2019

Thanks so much for the quick response and shipping for my Sewezi. I got it and put it together, and it looks great.

April T., Canada, April 24, 2019

Love my grande table. I’m so glad I have it for my big bernina 750.

Tracy L., Canada, February 18, 2019

Thank you! Parcel received in my rural box today.
Your service is outstanding and I LOVE my SewEzi table. I will continue to promote it as the best accessory for sewing machines, whether it’s in my sewing room or for travel. I’m short and it makes all the difference in the world to have my machine lower - so much easier on the shoulders and back - saves $$$ on chiro and massage from too much sewing - pays for itself in no time.
I’ve stitching friends in NZ and they’re amazed to hear we use THEIR tables here - and proud of the fact it’s a KIWI item. There’s not much that NZ exports to the rest of the world, except great wool items, lamp chops and milk powder to Japan.
It’s such a treat to have free replacement - excellent service and appreciated. Keep up the great work.

Darlene H., Canada, January 29, 2019

I love my table so much. I would like to order a large size for my Bernina 750. Do you have them in stock?

Tracy L., Canada, January 29, 2019

Hello Linda,
The replacement insert for my portable table arrived today and it fits beautifully. Thank you for such quick service. This weekend I will be traveling and will take my table with me.
I will be visiting my granddaughter next year who attends UofA and will be sure to take time to visit your shop.

Gwen C., Canada, October 31, 2018

I love my sew ez table thank you!

Alyce C., Canada, September 3, 2018

I purchased an ez sew table last April and did not get a chance to praise you for the excellent service I got. Thank you! But more importantly where can I go online for others to see to help promote your company?

Alyce C., Canada, August 6, 2018

Hi Linda, I had a lovely surprise the table arrived this morning(one day early). I have it assembled and am very pleased with it. Thank you for your prompt service.

Pauline T., Canada, July 5, 2018

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Love my table. My quilting friends loved it also and many want to order one especially for our one week quilting retreat coming soon


Awesome service.

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