Tim Holtz Haberdashery Scissors - 6 Inch

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  • Packaged in a unique patterned tin, these 6 inch Haberdashery Scissors feature high durability titanium coated blades. They are extremely sharp and are ideal for cutting a variety of fabrics.
  • These scissors feature soft grip handles and are resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • The Tim Holtz Haberdashery Scissors are the perfect choice when working on your next Haberdashery project.
  • Packaged in a beautiful gift tin.
    • a) Ultra-sharp double beveled blades provide a smooth knife-edge finish - this enables incredibly clean cutting lines to be produced
    • b) Increased blade thickness and weight ensure that the scissors maintain perfect cutting performance even through the most delicate of fabrics
    • c) Computer controlled ground blades provide engineering grade accuracy and perfect precision allowing accurate tip control
    • d) Titanium coating is used on the stainless-steel blades to provide a frictionless cutting performance
    • e) The heavy-duty pivot arrangement is preset to enable the blades to maintain accuracy when cutting various thicknesses of material
    • f) These scissors feature Kushgrip handles which provide a cushioned, ergonomic, non-slip feel in the hand of the user

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