We finished inventory today, and what an eye-opening experience that was.  Our store has approximately 1900 bolts of batiks and bali’s!  So while they don’t solely define our store offerings, the count confirmed that I am truly smitten by them, and have been since they were introduced to the quilting world in the mid-1990’s. 

Why do I love them?  Let me count the reasons:

  • Colour.  Saturated hues.  Depths not as easily found on printed cotton.
  • Irregularity.  As these are hand-made, the pattern and/or colour placement is not perfect.  Open out the piece of fabric, and you do not have a perfect repeat of design.  This makes the fabric more interesting. 
  • Almost all are on a high thread count greige fabric.  And that equals less stretch which, in turn, results in easier and more accurate piecing.
  • They hold a crease.  It makes for a nice, flat block.
  • They can’t be easily dated.  Unless you are a batik groupie, it is highly doubtful that you will be able to say when it was manufactured.  This is unlike printed cottons, the designs and colours of which often follow the latest fashion and home décor trend. 

I’ve posted below a video from Moda Fabrics that will take you through the process of making batiks.  It is rather fascinating to see it from start to finish.  The only better way would be to go and watch it in person.  (Please let the band be on holidays.)

Let me know what you love about batiks.


Original Publication - August 1, 2012 on https://alongcamequilting.wordpress.com/

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