Why are you offering preorder items?

We see the newest products and fabrics often many months before it is printed or released.  In today’s online world, we can easily show you many of the upcoming items and give you the ability to order them before they arrive.

Many products, particularly fabrics, have a one-time printing, and we cannot order more by the time they arrive.  Customers’ preorders help us judge the amount we need, giving us a better opportunity to increase our order if the demand warrants it.  In a nutshell, it helps you ensure you get the items you want!  No forgets/no regrets!

Why must I prepay?

Our shopping cart platform automatically authorizes your payment for the items and any shipping charges.  This authorization expires in just a week.  If we don’t capture the payment to charge your card within this time period, we must once again re-invoice you for the order when it arrives. 

Taking prepayment for preorders allows us to quickly fulfill and ship out the goods when they arrive.  Everyone loves to receive their new items as soon as possible, without us having to re-contact and request payment.

Please note, that we do not have access to your credit card information, so we cannot “keep your number” until the item arrives.

How much is Shipping?

So much to tell you!  Please read our separate Shipping Page

How are Preorders are Fulfilled?

When you place an order, it is considered a single entity.  Shipping is automatically calculated and based on that order alone when it was placed.

All items on the order will be shipped together – even if you order in-stock items with your pre-order items.  Your order will not be fulfilled and shipped until everything on your order is available.  

Therefore, please place a separate order for preorder items from in-stock items, unless you are happy to wait for the in-stock items to be shipped with them.  Remember, this can be months away.  Also, ordering multiple preorder items together on one order will mean that your entire order will be held until the last preorder item has arrived.

(If you order in-stock items with your pre-order items, and later decide you would like to have your in-stock items sent immediately, then please notify us, and we will create a new order for them with payment required, and we will issue a refund for those items on your original order.  Shipping charges will  be required for the new shipment and may need to be adjusted on your original order.)

Can I add additional items to my preorder? 

Perhaps you have a few things you would like to add to your pre-order.  After all, the shipping charge may be the same or even might become free (please read our shipping information).  Just place another order and write in the Order Instructions at Checkout to ship it with your preorder, providing us with the original order number.  We will then ship them together, refunding any extra shipping charges.  And if this means you now qualify for free shipping, we will also return the original shipping charges to you.

What happens when my Preordered items have arrived?

We’ll be right on it, and will be fulfilling and shipping soon!  If it is fabric, we must first cut your order.  Therefore, if you see in our social media that your desired fabric line has arrived, please give us time to get the orders all cut and sorted.  Once all items are available and we fulfill your order, you will be sent an email confirming this along with a tracking number for parcels.  If you have selected store pick up as your delivery method, your email from us will be your notification that you may now come by to pick up.

How can I check what I preordered?

When you order with us, you will receive a confirmation email listing the items ordered.  

If you created a customer account with us prior to placing your order, you can also view them online by logging in and checking on orders with an "Unfulfilled" status.  They will show you the items preordered and the expected release date.  

Can I cancel my Preorder?

Our store loses money on cancelled orders as we do not receive a refund on the credit card merchant fees for the transaction.  Therefore, we kindly ask for your consideration of our time and costs.  Please only place orders for products you are sure you want, knowing you will honour the order.

Cancellation can only be done if the order has not been fulfilled.  Once fulfilled (and shipped), we must refer you to our Refund Policy for Online Purchases.

Please note, that when an order has fulfilled and shipped, we cannot retrieve it and re-open the box to add product/alter the order.  It is now completely packaged and finished with Canada Post/shipper.

Delays in Shipping Preorders

The expected dates for our preorder items are given to us by the manufacturer or distributor.  All parties want to get the goods to the customers on time, but sometimes it isn’t possible to meet the expected date of release or delivery.

There are many factors that may account for delays including chain supply issues, manufacturing, shipping, strikes, pandemic concerns, custom inspections, or Acts of God.  Also, please note that as we are in Canada, it can take a bit longer for our shipments to arrive to us than a US-based store.

Therefore, expected dates are approximate and in no way form a guarantee or promise to our customers, and we are not bound by them or held financially accountable as a result of them. 

Be assured that when the items arrive, they will be received, processed, and your orders fulfilled promptly.  Should there ever be any concerns about the arrival of an item, we will contact you directly.  And, of course, feel free to email us at askus@alongcamequilting.com .