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6" All-Purpose Beading Tweezer
Tooltron 6 Inch All-Purpose Tweezer
Sale price$12.99 CAD
Ball Point Awl
Clover Ball Point Awl
Sale price$17.99 CAD
Bohin Folding Seam Ripper
Bohin Bohin Folding Seam Ripper
Sale price$9.99 CAD
Cindy's Seam Ripper - Pink - Small
Cindy's Seam Ripper - Red - Medium/Large
Clip ín Glide Bodkin
Clover Clip n Glide Bodkin
Sale price$9.99 CAD
Clover High Quality Seam Ripper
Famore 4 1/2 Inch Precision Angled Tweezers
Galaxy Electric Seam Ripper
Gypsy Quilter EZ Tweezy
Gypsy Quilter Lighted Seam Ripper - Blue
Gypsy Quilter Seam Fix Seam Ripper - Bohemian Blue
Gypsy Quilter Seam Fix Seam Ripper - Fortune Fuchsia
Gypsy Quilter Seam Fix Seam Ripper - Gypsy Purple
Handmade Acrylic Single Blade Seam Ripper - Green White Marble
Hold It Precision Stiletto
Clover Hold It Precision Stiletto
Sale price$24.99 CAD
Precision Micro Tip Tweezers - 3 Inch
Quick Ripper
J. Michelle Watts Quick Ripper
Sale price$34.99 CAD
Sewez Fingerthing - Teal
Small Ergonomic Seam Ripper
Dritz Small Ergonomic Seam Ripper
Sale price$7.99 CAD
Stiletto & Pressing Tool
ByAnnie Stiletto & Pressing Tool
Sale price$34.99 CAD
Stitchy Sticks 3 Piece Tool Set
Straight Tailorís Awl
Clover Straight Tailor's Awl
Sale price$9.99 CAD
2 in 1 Retractable Seam Ripper
That Purple Thang Tool
Little Foot That Purple Thang Tool
Sale price$7.99 CAD
Thread-O-Stat Featherweight Thread Grabber - Green
Thread-O-Stat Featherweight Thread Grabber - Purple
Tula Pink 4.5 Inch Swiss Style Angle Tweezers
Tula Pink 5 Inch Hemostat
Tula Pink 6 Inch Stiletto
Tweezer Tech Soft Grip
Ultra Pro Seam Ripper
Havel's Ultra Pro Seam Ripper
Sale price$17.99 CAD
White Plastic Seam Ripper
Clover White Plastic Seam Ripper
Sale price$9.99 CAD

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