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18mm Clover Rotary Blades - 2 Count
18mm Clover Rotary Blades - 5 Count
45mm Clover Replacement Blade - 1 Count
45mm Clover Rotary Cutter
Clover 45mm Clover Rotary Cutter
Sale price$27.99 CAD
60mm Clover Rotary Blade - 1 Count
60mm Clover Rotary Cutter
Clover 60mm Clover Rotary Cutter
Sale price$48.49 CAD
Adjustable Metal Ring Thimble
Ball Point Awl
Clover Ball Point Awl
Sale price$19.99 CAD
Chaco Liner Pen Style - Silver
Chaco Liner Pen Style - White
Chaco Liner Pen Style Chalk Refill - Blue
Chaco Liner Pen Style Chalk Refill - White
Chaco Liner Pen Style Chalk Refill - Yellow
Chacopen Blue Water Soluble Pen with Eraser
Chacopen Pink Air Erasable Pen with Eraser
Chacopy Tracing Paper
Clover Chacopy Tracing Paper
Sale price$9.99 CAD
Clip ín Glide Bodkin
Clover Clip n Glide Bodkin
Sale price$12.99 CAD
Clover Applique Glass Head Pins - 150 Count
Clover Black Gold Applique/Sharps Needle - Size 10
Dome Threaded Needle Case
Embroidery Needle Threader
Clover Fusible Bias Tape Maker - º"
Clover Fusible Bias Tape Maker - ⅜"
Clover Gold Eye AppliquÈ Needles - Size 12
Clover Gold Eye Quilting/Between Needles - Size 9
Clover Hot Ruler
Clover Clover Hot Ruler
Sale price$27.99 CAD
Mini Iron II - The Adapter
Mini Patchwork Scissors
Roll & Press
Clover Clover Roll & Press
Sale price$24.99 CAD
Sashiko Needles
Clover Clover Sashiko Needles
Sale price$7.99 CAD
Clover Self Healing Cutting Mat -12" X 18"
Clover Serrated Patchwork Scissors - 7 Inch
Small Patchwork Scissors
Fabric Folding Pen
Clover Fabric Folding Pen
Sale price$29.99 CAD
Finger Presser - 5"
Clover Finger Presser - 5 Inch
Sale price$9.99 CAD
Flexible Rubber Thimbles - Large
Flexible Rubber Thimbles - Medium
Flower Head Fine Pins in 2 Colors - Size 32
Fork Pins
Clover Fork Pins
Sale price$14.99 CAD
Hold It Precision Stiletto
Clover Hold It Precision Stiletto
Sale price$22.99 CAD
Iron-On Transfer Pencil
Clover Iron-On Transfer Pencil
Sale price$7.99 CAD
Leather Coin Thimble - Medium
Marbled Glass Head Pins
Clover Marbled Glass Head Pins
Sale price$9.99 CAD
Mini Wonder Clips - 50 Count
Clover Mini Wonder Clips - 50 Count
Sale price$54.99 CAD
Natural Fit Leather Thimble - Large
Natural Fit Leather Thimble - Medium
Natural Fit Leather Thimble - Small
Open Sided Thimble - Medium
Clover Open Sided Thimble - Medium
Sale price$17.99 CAD

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