It’s our first day here at North Bow Lodge and in the first hour, Cindy P.  stole the show and gets full bragging rights for the rest of her life with this jaw-dropping piece of air-brushed art:

The front.

The back

The side

The other side

Have you figured out what this is?  Sure isn’t a quilt, is it! 

Cindy’s son air-brushed the hard case cover of her Phaff sewing machine as a gift to her.  She told him she loved the imagery of this well-known movie (which I am not giving the title to, as I don’t need Mr. JC thinking I am capitalizing on his brain child), and her son put in hours and hours of work painting this for her.   And he doesn’t even do this for a living!  This is his hobby — hard to believe, eh!  Amazing talent. 


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