At one time we advertised this class on our washroom door.  The staff took a certain amount of glee referring a customer looking for the biffy to find it behind the Strips ‘n Curves sign.  That’s how we get our jollys some days.  Don’t want it to be boring.

While we currently don’t have a class being offered on this technique, we just finished one in September, and I’ve uploaded some of the students’ work to our Gallery, Quilts from the Classroom.  And, to make it simple for you, I’ve posted them below.

Kathy L’s Sample focus fabric was an asian fabric, and she picked colours from it to create her strata.

Pat K.  wanted to create an interpretation of a beach scene with sand, water, and sunset.  This is the part that is more “sunset”.

Shari B’s focus fabrics were the main print from Northcott’s Oriental Odyssey and a coordinate.  They have a lovely metallic wash over them,  and her strata colours were pulled from it. 

Mary T. picked a very subtle Asian grey fabric for her focus fabric, and we pulled a strata from light grey to black to match. 

This was a full class for us, but I only got into the classroom with the camera at the end, so I missed out on taking pictures of 6 other quilts.  I’m hoping the customers come back and show us their finished tops.  

These quilts are all made using Louisa Smith’s book Strips ‘n Curves as their inspiration, and utilizing her templates.  If you want to see more of this quilt artist’s work, visit her website at or her blog at .

Next class semester we will be offering an advanced strips ‘n curves class for those students who have taken the basic class already with us.  Kim has been planning it for some time and I know the quilts made in it will be just as gorgeous as all the ones we’ve had in the beginner class.


(who must have been tired last night when she wrote on her list to do – “All Beached Up”- a slip-of-the-mind combination of All Cooped Up and Beach Walk, the two McKenna Ryan quilts we have in the works)

Louisa smithQuiltStrips 'n curves

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