Where have the months gone?

Six months since the last posting, and I’ve been able to catch my breath.  So what has happened?

Well, after the Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park, we had our North Bow Lodge Customer retreat from June 8th to 15th.  Yep, eight days of sewing on the Bow river, only 20 minutes from town.  On the weekend it was a full house of fourteen people, and during the weekdays, there were ten of us.  We played games, ate lots, but mostly sewed.  Yes, for the seriously quilting addicted, you can sew for nearly twelve hours a day and not get tired of it.  That certainly was the case for me, as sewing time is extremely rare.  So rare, that I’ve only been able to catch another day of sewing once since. 

 But I did take a little time to try my new camera out one evening.  And in order to protect the innocent, I didn’t take pictures of the participants sewing away in their jammies.  I’m sure you’ve heard – What happens at retreat, stays at retreat.

I also managed a few pictures one evening before sunset.

North Bow Lodge


Quite quickly after the retreat, the planning for the move of the store ramped up.  Once the city had approved everything, I knew I could get the utilities transferred, arrange for movers, and get on with it.  While my lease at the old store wasn’t up until July 31st, I could move into the new premises early.  And man, I could hardly wait.  In a period of a week everything was arranged.

 June 27th was the beginning of the move.  As fabric came out of the shelves, it had to be kept in the vehicles or put on some of the new shelves, until the old shelving was moved over.  We ended up having to cut a ½” off the bottom of the cutting tables to get them through the door.  They had been constructed with glue, so there was no way to disassemble.

On the 28th, we were able to have an evening class in our new classroom, and by Wednesday noon, the movers were gone.  Then the organization had to happen.  By July 2nd we were ready for business and opened our doors.  What a relief – we now had room to move with 60% more space.

August 1st began the process of year-end.  Inventory was done, and the only fun part is the final sign off with the accountant at the end of October.  Yes, in case you didn’t know, year-end is a process that saps your time and energy in dribs and drabs for 3 months. 

Since then I’ve been playing catch-up trying to fit in everything that was pushed aside while planning to move, while still managing the everyday urgent items.  And now I’m staring at the calendar amazed that December 1st is tomorrow.  We’ve got lots of new items to tell you about, so stay tuned for our annual 12 Days of Christmas Wishes beginning then.

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