Chain-Piece Thread Cutting Gizmo

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**Staff Choice - Sharon H.**
"I LOVE to chain piece, often reading ahead in a pattern to find other sections that can be assembled early.  Then when I run out of bits that can be sewn together, it is time to snip them apart - the Cutting Gizmo has a recessed razor blade and does the job beautifully.  No accidents cutting the fabrics with scissors.  It is safe to let children help with this task, and even non-sewing men!"
  • Reduce thread cutting time with the Gypsy Quilter Chain-Piece Cutting Gizmo.
  • It is the extra hand you need to help separate chain-pieced units when quilting.
  • To safely cut the threads between the chain-pieced units, simply hold the fabric pieces with both hands and slip the thread into the slot on the top of the Chain-Piece Cutting Gizmo.
  • The embedded razor blade cuts the thread quickly, easily and safely.
  • The non-slip bottom ensures that it will stay in place when in use.
  • Five replacement blades and the magnetic tool needed for blade changes are stored in the base.

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