Strip Stick - Mini


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  • Use this wooden seam stick when pressing to avoid distortion of your fabric. 
  • The mini strip stick can be used for small blocks.
  • By pressing your seam on the curvature of this stick, your iron only touches the seam - not the rest of the project. 
  • The flat side ensures the seam stick does not move (unlike using a dowel). You can use this stick to press your seams to the side or to press them open. 
  • You still should have a ironing surface or heat-protected surface under the stick.
  • Strip stick has a thin cushioning and muslin cover.
  • Very useful for strip sets, bias seams (i.e., half-square triangles), small blocks, or any seams you want pressed open.
  • Manufacturer recommends storing by hanging by plastic cover, or laying flat to avoid warping.
  • Approximately 9 inches in length.

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