Totally Surprising, $2.99 Fat Quarter - Printed/Woven Cotton

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You'll never know what you might receive! Treat yourself to a little surprise in your parcel with a $2.99 fat quarter. It might be a solid, floral, geometric, low volume, designer, tonal - the list goes on. One thing for sure, it will be Canadian-sized, and despite what Texans think, we cut 'em big up here at approximately 19.69" x 21". Just for your reference, a regular yardage-based fat quarter is approximately 18" x  21" - that's 8.6% less.

Don't stress, it will always be top-quality printed or woven quilting cotton from any of the manufacturers we stock, with no flannels, obvious holiday prints, or batiks/bali watercolours.

No returns/exchanges/refunds/picking out your favourite/complaining - it's a surprise at a great price!  Our regular price for Canadian-sized fat quarters is either $4.99 or $5.99 depending on the retail price/m.

Not available in-store at this time.

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