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Alchemy: Transforming Scraps into Precious Materials
Big, Bold and Beautiful
Quiltmania Big, Bold and Beautiful
Sale price$66.49 CAD
Esprit Nomade (Nomadic Spirit)
Quiltmania Esprit Nomade (Nomadic Spirit)
Sale price$66.49 CAD
Flossie Teacake's Guide to English Paper Piecing
In a French Garden
Quiltmania In a French Garden
Sale price$66.49 CAD
Making Happy Quilts
Quiltmania Making Happy Quilts
Sale price$58.99 CAD
Millefiori Quilts
Quiltmania Millefiori Quilts
Sale price$59.89 CAD
Millefiori Quilts 2
Quiltmania Millefiori Quilts 2
Sale price$59.89 CAD
Millefiori Quilts 3
Quiltmania Millefiori Quilts 3
Sale price$66.09 CAD
Millefiori Quilts 4
Quiltmania Millefiori Quilts 4
Sale price$63.89 CAD
Millefiori Quilts 5
Quiltmania Millefiori Quilts 5
Sale price$63.89 CAD
Modern Building Blocks
Quiltmania Modern Building Blocks
Sale price$55.99 CAD
Prints Matter Quilt Book Pamela Goecke Dinndorf Quiltmania QM-PM
Quiltmania Prints Matter
Sale price$63.89 CAD
Simply Neutral A Narrative of Quilts QM-SNANOQ
Quiltmania Simply Neutral A Narrative of Quilts
Sale price$66.45 CAD
Sue and Billy's Hometown
Quiltmania Sue and Billy's Hometown
Sale price$66.49 CAD

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