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Accessory Tray for SewEzi Tables
Additional Acrylic SewEzi Grande Table Insert
Additional Acrylic SewEzi Portable Table Insert
Height Adjusters for SewEzi Portable or Extension Table
Lightbox SewEzi Grande Table Insert
Lightbox SewEzi Portable Table Insert
Locking Stay Repair Kit
SewEzi Locking Stay Repair Kit
Sale price$19 CAD
Purple Protection Corners for SewEzi Tables
Quick Change Set for SewEzi Tables
SewEzi Cutting Table
SewEzi SewEzi Cutting Table
Sale price$899 CAD
SewEzi Extension Sewing Table with Free Cover/Carry Case
SewEzi Grande/Serger Table Mobile
SewEzi Pattern Weights
SewEzi SewEzi Pattern Weights
Sale price$89 CAD
SewEzi Serger Table & Cover
Table brace for SewEzi portable table.
Thread Stand for SewEzi Tables
Wooden SewEzi Table Grande Insert
Wooden SewEzi Table Portable Insert

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