14 Count Easy Count Waste Canvas by Zweigart

ZweigartSKU: 510-56F8

Choose Size: Fat Eighth of a Metre - approx. 9.75" x 13.5"
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  • Color is White (56).
  • This is a 14 count per inch canvas - also known as 14 mesh per inch.
  • It is a very open, light meshwork fabric which retains its rigidity thanks to its stiff finish. It gives large-area embroidery the stability it needs. It also makes it easier for beginners to learn decorative embroidery techniques.
  • The fabric of this canvas is marked with blue stripes at intervals of 5 stitches, which works as a counting aid, making it much easier to count out the pattern motifs. 
  • Canvas 510 is a double-thread canvas in white with blue lines. Adjacent pairs of mesh threads result in a single stitch. The blue thread woven in as a counting pattern makes it easier to cut to size with absolute precision, so that the fabric is easier to apply to the base at the right angle.
  • "Waste canvas" is another term which is used for this canvas. The individual threads of the canvas are given a special finish which dissolves in water.  Therefore, after stitching, dampen with water and the individual threads of the canvas will separate from one another and can be pulled out with tweezers leaving only the stitching. For that reason, the canvas can be used as an aid when working with non-countable fabrics in cross-stitch.  However, the canvas can be used for needlepoint pictures and cushions as well - not only as "waste canvas". 
  • Click to View Zweigart's Waste Canvas Information Sheet.
  • 100% cotton.
  • 27" width.
  • Manufactured by Zweigart in Germany and is recognized by the orange selvedge line.

Note that this product is best shipped rolled. 

If you request smaller pieces be folded, we can do our best with an easy-over fold, but cannot guarantee that you will be as pleased as if it was sent rolled.  In this instance, the risk is yours and we will not provide a refund or replacement.

Contact us at askus@alongcamequilting.com or call us toll-free at 1-877-745-6445 if you would like to purchase larger widths or lengths of this canvas.

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