60mm Olfa Endurance Blade - 1 Count

OlfaSKU: RB60H-1

Sale price$24.99 CAD


  • The OLFA Endurance Rotary Blade cuts twice as long as our standard blades, and fits all brands of 60mm rotary cutters.
  • It's the perfect marriage of precision and quality that you expect from OLFA: it cuts effortlessly and retains its edge longer. 
  • This high-quality rotary blade is made of tungsten steel and is hardened with OLFA's exclusive metal-strengthening process.  This allows it to last twice as long as OLFA's standard rotary blades. Cut up to 1,500 yards of cotton fabric before the blade begins to dull. This OLFA Endurance™ blade cuts up to twelve layers of fabric at a time, saving you precious time.  
  • 1 blade per pkg.

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