Clay Succulent Garden

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  • Become a forever plant parent with your own craft-savvy garden!

    Lacking a green thumb? There’s no need to worry when you can create your own everlasting succulents with versatile air-dry clay. Designs are included for over 25 popular succulent species, such as sedum, echeveria, and haworthia, and unique plants like cacti, air plants, and the Venus flytrap. Each design comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and color photos showing how to make the project from start to finish. You’ll also learn special techniques for creating custom clay colors, sculpting wire supports, and painting finishing details.

    • Each project includes step-by-step color photos to create realistic looking designs
    • Quirky and cute air-dry clay creations for over 25 popular succulent species
    • Perfect for anyone who loves succulents, proud plant parents, miniature enthusiasts, dollhouse makers, and more
    • Softcover, 128 pages.

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