Essence Monofilament Invisible Nylon Thread 1375 m (1500 yd.) - Smoke

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  • Essence monofilament is a .004mm nylon thread.  Each mini spool contains 1375 m (1500 yd.)
  • Once you sew it, it vanishes away into your fabric.  Hence, it's known as invisible thread.
  • Very soft to the hand and very pliable.
  • Use with a cotton thread in the bobbin.
  • Avoid high heat settings and direct contact from an iron when using nylon monofilament.
  • Thread nets are suggested for creating drag and tension, and for reducing the chances of the thread dropping down to the base of the spool while getting "hung-up" or "snagged".
  • Thread stands may be helpful in using this thread, as well as adjusting tension.
  • No. 8/35
  • Manufacturer:  Fil-Tec

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