Kwik Klip Safety Pin Tool

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**Staff Choice - Lynne D.**
"One of my favourite products is the Kwik Klip.  I keep my safety pins (left open) in a jar.  After layering my quilt, I just dump pins on top and proceed to pin the whole quilt top.  I use the Kwik Klip to close all the safety pins. My fingers and hand literally hurt until I was aware of the Kwik Klip. It is so easy to use and is much easier on your fingers and nails. I highly recommend it!"
  • Kwik Klip ends sore fingers, reduces basting time, and ends bunching.
  • Using Kwik Klip, safety pins close effortlessly, preventing broken nails, stuck fingers (blood on quilts) and the familiar painful indentations in fingers caused by closing hundreds of safety pins.
  • Quilting for children is easier and safer with Kwik Klip, as their fingers are never near the safety pin point.
  • Kwik Klip's unique handle design helps those with arthritic hands to baste without pain.
  • Kwik Klip removes safety pins faster and easier.
  • From Paula Jean Creations.

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