Omnigrid 4 Inch X 8 Inch Ruler

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**Staff Choice - Linda G.**
"I love the very fine continuous 1/8" grid lines on this ruler which help you cut small pieces very precisely.  It also has the markings along the edge for 1/16" increments in case you need it. The 4" x 8" size makes it very useful for small squares and rectangles. As it doesn't have a non-slip surface, I put InvisiGrip on the back,  or, you can use Ruler Grip Discs.  Note, that the  Creative Grids Itty-Bitty Eighths 3" x 7" ruler works very well too!"
  • Excellent for travel and confined work areas, this is a consumer requested size.
  • Has 1/8 inch grid markings, and 30, 60, and 90 degree markings.
  • Use for color wash projects, baby quilts, memory books, cropping photos, miniatures and more.

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