Organ Longarm Machine Needle DPX134-SK1 - Size 90/14

Organ Needle Co.SKU: DPX134-SK1-9014

Sale price$12.99 CAD


  • These needles can be used by any machine that uses DPx134 or 1955 needles. It can replace:  1901 1955 SY1995 SY6790 34 134R 135X5 135x7 DPX5 DPx7 DPx134 needle systems.
  • These longarm needles make smaller needles holes, with cleaner stitches and less chance of needle hole "overflow".  
  • The "SK1" series of Organ needles were designed to prevent skipped stitches and have less thread breakage.  The deep scarf and the special shaped area around the eye of SK series needles guarantees a stable loop formation and beautiful seams.
  • Each package has 10 needles.

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