Organ Topstitch Needle - Size 80/12

Organ Needle Co.SKU: HAX130N-8012

Sale price$14.99 CAD


  • Top stitch needles have a very long, almost double length, eye. 
  • These needles are made for top-stitching or decorative stitching and will accept heavy or multiple threads. 
  • Great for stitching through layered fabrics and quilts. 
  • They can also be used for embroidery with heavy, metallic threads. 
  • The 130/705H (HAx130N) needle system is compatible with most home sewing machines that accept a flat shank needle. 
  • Size 80/12 is a good all purpose size for quilting cottons. 
  • Consult your manual. 
  • Each package has 10 needles.

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