Poke-A-Dots Sticky Thimbles - 8 Pack

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  • These are little sticky thimbles that you place on your fingertip.
  • The surface is textured to prevent needle slipping.
  • Place them anywhere you need them so you don't get poked.
  • Everyone needs a POKE-A-DOT when hand sewing--stitching on that binding, or sewing on a button, hand applique and embroidery, etc.
    • They stick in place until you take them off.
    • You can re-stick them several times, then just throw them away and start a new one.
    • This is a pack of 8 dots, great for refilling your 24 pack, or just to try them out!
    • They have a cute design on the top to give texture so your needle won't slip.
    • They are made of durable, non-slip polyurethane.
    • They not only protect your finger, but they are "grippy" so they help you to pull your needle through the tough spots.
    • They push the needle through.
  • By Jill Finley, of Jillily Studio.  Packaged and sold by Bohin.

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