Retayne - 4 oz

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  • We will not ship this item between November and March, due to risk of freezing.
  • Retayne is a color fixative for commercially dyed cotton fabrics or clothing to prevent color bleeding during washing.  It "sets" the dye in the fabric.  
  • Soak fabrics in washing machine or basin in Retayne before washing them for the first time.  Use 1 tsp. per yard of fabric in a HOT (at least 140 degrees F) soak for 20-30 minutes, with enough water to cover the fabric.  Follow with a rinse.  One treatment is usually sufficient to prevent further bleeding, but you can check rinse water for further dye release.
  • This product should be used BEFORE cutting the fabric for your quilt or project - not afterwards.  If you experience bleeding of your quilt or project after completion, you should use Synthrapol to remove excess dye molecules.
  • Not recommended for energy efficient front loading or top loading machines.

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