Sewline Trio Colors Fabric Pencil

SewlineSKU: FAB50030

Sale price$27.99 CAD


  • A fabric pencil with a unique 360 Degrees rotating mechanism for three functions in one. Just rotate grip to advance a lead color-black, white or pink.
  • The Sewline Trio comes with a 0.9mm black lead for marking on lighter cloth, a 0.9mm white lead for dark cloth, and a 0.9mm pink lead for other contrast requirements.
  • The pencil also comes with a small eraser located underneath the top cover and a soft grip. Convenient 0.9mm lead refills are available in white, pink, green and black graphite so you can tailor the Trio to your own needs.
  • Tip: Only press lightly when marking with ceramic leads to ensure easy removal.  Markings can be removed with the polymer eraser or be dabbed off with water. 
  • Always patch test.

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