Spring Action Rag Quilting Snips

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There's nothing more frustrating that settling down to snip your rag quilt and you find the scissors you thought would be good for the job, weren't.  Why is that?  Having the proper cutting implement is key to avoid frustration and possible hand pain.  Customers come in to us with these problems, and our first recommendation is Heritage Cutlery's Rag Quilting Snips.  Why?  Well, they cut through those layers of flannel or denim like butter.  There is no other scissor or snip that does the job as easily and smoothly.   

Are they worth the price?  Well, if you regularly make rag quilts, absolutely.  Using regular shears can instigate repetitive motion injuries of your thumb and/or hand due to the design.  These scissors are spring-action, avoiding the pressure on your thumb.  

What makes these better than the other spring-action rag shears on the market?  The blades are really sharp.  And strong.  And the right length.  There are other look-alikes on the market with blue handles.  We've tried them and they are not the same quality.  Less expensive = less effective.

  • Heavy-duty design allows these scissors to cut through multiple layers of fabric easily.
  • Industrial quality spring.
  • Spring loaded pivot screw that allows for the blades to maintain blade to blade contact as the cutting edges wear. This results in a tool that will cut effectively longer than other snip scissor designs.

  • The Heritage VP7 tool is made of superior American-made steel that is hot forged and through hardened to 58 Rockwell C . This material and process allows the snips to holds their knife cutting edge for far longer than imported models.

  • The snip blades are thru hardened and therefore they can be resharpened many times over the life of the tool.

  • Snips have chrome over nickel plating for added corrosion protection.

  • 6 3/4 inch overall length, with a 1 inch cut length blade.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Made in the USA by Klein Cutlery.

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