Studio 180 Tucker Trimmer II

Sale price$44.99 CAD


  • An “in between” version of the original Tucker Trimmer I tool, this handy ruler allows you to do all of the same functions as the first except that the sizes of the units are in 1/4” or 3/4” increments.
  • Although these particular sizes are not nearly as popular as the 1/2” and whole inch increments available on the Tucker Trimmer I, they are sometimes part of your quilting projects.
  • And if you’ve ever tried to trim down a 2 3/4” hourglass unit you will highly appreciate this tool.
  • The diagonal guidelines on the Tucker Trimmer II will cross precisely at the center of a 2 3/4” unit so finding the center is a breeze.
  • A great supplemental tool to have in your ruler collection.

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