Studio 180 Wedge Star

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  • The Wedge Star tool is sure to be an exciting addition to your quilting toolbox!
  • Designed to make a variety of different blocks based on 45 degree sub-units, ranging from simple kaleidoscope blocks to complex stars with diamond points going north, south, east and west.
  • And with 22 different size options - 3 Inch to 24 Inch finished blocks, and the ability to swap sub-units in and out of blocks, you'll be able to create virtually unlimited designs.
  • As an added benefit, we’ve also included a free bonus project, Freelancer, in the Wedge Star’s instruction set. And with all the possibilities the Wedge Star™ tool offers, this project can truly be yours; just change the size and coloring to make a spectacular project as unique as you are.
  • The quilt size and fabric yardage will, of course, depend on the size blocks you choose.

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