I have months – ok, years – of back logged “notes to self” sitting at my desk.  They are things I know I should look into and handle.  Website optimization, insurance coverage,  websites I should visit, etc.  I’m actually making progress through the pile, but had to stop and tell you about the last note I just tackled.  You see, it was one of those “OMG, every quilter needs to see this” moment!! 

Marci Baker has made some professional videos on quilting, some of which are available on YouTube.  Well, the one that struck my fancy this afternoon was the one on  “different” angles of mitered binding.  This is the season customers are making table runners for gifts, many of which have angles that are not 90°, creating a binding  experience that lasts longer than the piecing. 

But be bound no longer ; check this out:

Wasn’t that absolutely enlightening?  So after I watched it, I then experienced the “Will I ever find it again?”, “What if she removes it?”, “What if YouTube sells out to the Chinese ” kind of angst.  You see, I love to own the information – not just hope it will always be there for my reference 5 years from now.  I still love paper and back-ups. 

Well, god bless her, Marci has made available downloads of this video, and an accompanying pdf file for those nights the computer is turned off or I’m at a retreat (wishing).  And not only that, Marci did not stop at explaining outside angles other than 90°, she made a video and pdf available for inside corner angles as well.  I downloaded both of them, quickly printed out the pdf’s for myself (just in case the computer crashes or something), and am giddy with finding this information to share with you.

So here’s the link to purchase these yourselves.

And no – I don’t get a commission!

Original Publication October 26, 2010 on https://alongcamequilting.wordpress.com/


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