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**Staff Choice - Linda G.**
"Any brands of  .9 mm ceramic lead pencils are great.  This one by Dritz happens to be our best seller,  as it comes with three colours (pink, green, & white) of refill leads.  It has a nice grip, and the eraser is not hidden by a cap.  However, for people who like thin pencils, I suggest the regular Sewline Fabric Pencil.  Betty at work suggests the Sewline Trio Colors pencil as 3 colours of leads are loaded and you just twist to the colour you need.  Personally, I have both the Dritz and the Sewline Trio in my sewing room just so I've got one at the machine and one at my cutting and marking table.  
Why are these ceramic pencils so wonderful?  Well, the leads of these pencils are not like chalk pencils which break and crumble.  They are sturdy, but give a very fine line which erases or washes away (always test your colours though if they will be in a visible spot).  
I use the white lead on medium to dark value fabrics, and a pink, green, yellow, or charcoal lead when I need a contrast with the fabric. You can use any brand of .9mm ceramic lead brand to refill, so if you want a different colour such as yellow, just buy some yellow refill leads separately. We also stock other refill packages such as the 3-colour Sewline and an all-white package."
  • A great marking pencil. Comes with three colours of 0.9mm ceramic leads made with water soluble dyes. Specially formulated for fabric: white, pink, & green.
  • Leads are fine, but strong and don't break as easily as smaller leads do.
  • Also has an eraser - that works wonderfully - see the partly erased Q of the ACQ written below.
  • Replacement erasers and leads are available separately when you finish these.
  • From Dritz.

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